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Wedding in our world
Dear players of L2 Nostalgia,

I am happy to present you a lovely feature! High priests of Giran, Oren, Aden and Goddard are happy to offer a new service. They will be ready to help you get married to your loved one.

There are some requirements however:
  • Players must be engaged prior getting married.
  • Both players must wear formal wear.
  • Both players must pay 10 000 000 of adena.
  • Both players must be level 40 or higher.
  • Players must be of different sex (no same sex marriages here).
[Image: wedding.png]

How it works

1) Target the player that you want to make a couple with.
2) Use the voice command .engage NameOfYourPartner then press enter.
3) If the target player has you listed as a friend (you are in each other's friends list) a popup will appear with an engagement request along with a system message that you want to be engaged with him or her.
4) If the target player accepts the engagement invitation, you will be engaged.

1) Once two players are engaged, they can speak to the High Priest of Giran, Oren, Aden or Goddard Church.
2) Both players need to wear formal wear and pay 10 000 000 Adena to get married.
3) Once done, the wedding march will play and the two players will be married.

Useful voice commands when you are married:
.gotolove - teleport to your partner.
.divorce - cancel your Engagement or Marriage for 20% of wedding price.

There is all to it,
Happy life

Don't forget to fire your updater!

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