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Shields seemed to be bugged not giving any P.Def
Thank you for having the server up, I enjoy feeling nostalgic visiting places when I played years ago up to C4. I am having a great time.

Anyways when I take a shield on and off the only stat that changes is the -8 Evasion, P.Def does not change up or down. Aren't shields calculated the same way as armor? Also I noticed that if I take off some cotton shoes with P.Def 11, it only changes the main stat by 4. So if I had 100 P.Def and take the boots off my P.Def is 96. It isn't 1 for 1? Seems like it is 1 to 4. On the shield the Evasion is 1 for 1 it goes up and down by 8. Who knows maybe that is how the game is calculated, just thought shields would give some P.Def.

Do sets give bonuses? I remember people wanted particular sets for the bonuses. I thought the D grade Plate suppose to give +1 Str or some stat. I have 4 pieces and only the P.Def changes like any other armor, and the Plate shield doesn't change anything but the Evasion just like any other shield I tried on. I know some of the sets are working like casting speed etc, just thought there was a bonus for Plate.

I have my armor, now I am searching the Wastelands for the weapons dealer Smile

Best regards


Thank you for kind words, I'm happy that you like the server. As far as I know, on classic chronicles shields don't really give p.def. Any shield will take away 8 of evasion but they will give a chance to completely block an attack. On some point, they changed it so that extra p.def is applied only if shield is successful. Either way, I don't think there is anything wrong with these mechanics.

Sets do give bonuses, but there are not many of them on D grade equipment. Good luck finding that dealer Wink

Okay Dokie, strange that they have P.Def rating on shields when it is basically cosmetic unless shields blocks better or at a higher frequency if they have more P.Def or higher grade so to speak. I guess what I am asking it seems it doesn't matter what shield I use, you get the same result just that if a set gives a bonus with a particular shield use it.


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