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Lineage2 Nostalgia Info
Lineage2 Nostalgia

Is a home brew project meant to create a nonsense-free, retail-like, high-rate server based on one of the classical Lineage2 Chronicles.

Chronicle 6 - Scions of Destiny

We are using a Chronicle 6 - Interlude as a basis for our server, since this revision has all the required features. But we like Chronicle 4 - Scions of Destiny a lot, there for we are using it as a theme.


People seem to like rising goals for reason unknown, ours is to have fun and explore the world of Lineage2.


Bumped up rates help to relax a bit after work by removing some of the grind, but keeping overall experience of proper game in tact. 

After considerable amount of experimenting and testing various setups and features, the conclusion was to use as little of custom stuff as possible:
  • Mascot Mr. Chriu. [Read More]
  • Feature complete C6 with non-sense removed to match a C4 theme.
  • Blacksmiths are capable of counterfeiting items for 1st and 2nd class transfer. [Read More]
  • Traders of various items are hidden in deep, remote or interesting places. [Read More]
  • Offline Stores. [Read More]
  • Ability to trade 1bil  of Adena into Gold bars and back.
  • Auto loot system (.autoloot on/off).
  • Auto skill learn system.
  • Global shout chat (!Who wants to party?).
  • Gatekeepers teleport to more nearby hunting areas in happy hours.
  • Nicely sorted stores.
  • Nicely sorted gatekeeper lists.
  • Simple, yet secure authentication system*1
  • Spell books removed from the drop.
  • Soulshots up to C grade are available in stores.
  • Soul Crystals up to level 10 are being sold by mineral traders.
  • Soul Crystals level 11 to 13 are being sold by a secret trader.
  • Quest item drop amount has been increased for the 3rd and sub class related quests.
  • Quest Adena reward boosted in Starting Villages.
  • Wedding. [Read More]

The following C6 "Features" have been removed:
  • Shadow weapon system.
  • Augmentation system.
  • Herbs.
  • Dinosaurs and their *** island
  • Newbie helper cats.
  • MP, HP, CP elixirs and pots removed from the stores.
  • Dices removed from the stores.
  • Death penalty system disabled.
  • Demon swords disabled.


Normal rates:
EXP 70x, SP 70x, Adena 70x, Drop 100x, Spoil 50x

Raid Boss rates:
EXP 7x, SP 7x, Adena 70x, Drop 30x


L2 Nostalgia Client can be installed by using Updater, which can be downloaded from the link on top. In case of trouble Visit This Page.


Server maintenance is planned two times a week: every Monday morning and every Friday morning. This downtime allows to introduce fixes, updates and ensure proper backups.

1. We are using custom, two level authentication system. 1'st level - forum account, 2'nd level - Game Account. Each forum member is allowed to create up to 6 Game Accounts from his User Control Panel. Game Account password can be any string of no less than 6 characters. Password string is then crypted 3 times by using 64bit salt. Game Auth server is setup to prevent brute force attacks. In the end we can use simple passowrds in simple, yet pretty secure way.

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