Poll: Should we have Skill Autolearn?
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Autolearn skills or not?
It looks like the project is shaping up nicely and update regarding project status can be made in near future!

But now, lets talk features and skill learning. This server is a bit high rate, there for level goes up pretty fast and therefore masters have to be visited very frequently, which can mean a lot of mouse clicking  Wink  And book hunting of course!

There is a possibility to make skills auto learn, which would spare you this joy and also would allow to remove skill books from drops. No more books taking up all inventory! Yay!

Personally I like the manual learning of skills because it allows to only learn useful skills, to explore the world a little by searching for books and plainly something to do when you get back from mob hunt and have to wait for your party members to finish their toilet brakes...

Since more and more players register and play every day, this is not about me however. It looks like we can try and decide by vote.

[Image: skills.png]

Poll is active for 7 days

Thank you for voting. Skills are now set to be auto learned and all skill books are removed from drops!

Once you hit appropriate level, skills will automatically appear for you, so no more visits to the masters and no more books taking all your inventory!

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