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  Restroed. Server working ! ISP electrical failure. 14/08/2020
Posted by: stichas - 2020-08-15, 11:47 AM - Forum: News - No Replies


Server back on line. Systems restored.

Kind regards
L2nostalgia team

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  Emergency electrical Maintenance 30/08/2019 15:00 - 17:00 GMT
Posted by: stichas - 2019-08-31, 03:27 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

Emergency electrical Maintenance 30/08/2019 15:00 - 17:00 GMT
Hello everyone,

I am sorry for short notice, but a minimum two hour maintenance will be performed today
of the location where the server is hosted.
All underlying infrastructure ( Router, VM server, sever host and storage array ) will be powered down for minimum of 2 hours.
Might be a bit longer until the electric installation maintenance is completed.

Website will remain operational, since it is hosted in a separate location. Please check here for further update.

Sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for choosing our L2 server for your nostalgia needs

Kind regards

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  Subclass made easier
Posted by: meisteris - 2019-05-17, 10:43 AM - Forum: Features & Info - No Replies

Hi there,

It has never been easier to achieve subclass than before! Don't get me wrong, you would still need to do the quest, but you won't have to be killing Raid Bosses to do it!

As of now, the chests of the subclass Raid Bosses will be spawning automatically at these rates:

Coffer of the Dead (Shillens Messenger Cabrio) - every 15 to 20 minutes.
Chest of Hallate (Death Lord Hallate) - every 30 to 37 minutes.
Chest of Kernon (Kernon) - every 45 to 54 minutes.
Chest of Golkonda (Longhorn Golkonda) - every 60 to 71 minutes.

[Image: Chests.jpg]

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  New season maintenance
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-09-17, 09:56 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

Welcome to the new season,

Few good news for this occasion:


Setup: Soul Crystals level 11-13 added to the secret trader.
Setup: Blacksmith no longer require to have recipes in order to craft basic materials.
Setup: Warehouse Chief now has an authority to issue Dualsword Craft Stamp (not cheap tough).
Fix: Some more HTML errors.
Fix: 7 Signs quest events.

As you can see, plenty of news here. Most notably, it is now possible to buy Soul Crystals which are needed for A and S grade weapons from a secret trader which can be found in the dark place during the day time (Hint: Rune area should be worth to be  explored).

[Image: sa1113.png]

There are some more good news, like Crafting As a Service and availability of a Dual Craft Stamps from warehouse chiefs! Not bad for a start of a season, huh?

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  Crafting as a service!
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-09-17, 09:54 PM - Forum: Features & Info - No Replies

Good news in the world of Nostalgia!

Blacksmith Guild is now offering an improved service! Yes, this means every blacksmith will craft basic materials for you, players, without requiring to provide a recipe  Wink

[Image: matts.png]

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  Server live. Party hard.
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-03-05, 11:35 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Good day fellow players,

I am pleased to announce that server is now LIVE! Actually it was announced live on 2018-03-03 as promised, but so many elpies came... What can I say the party was huge, for tree days we have celebrated and I was there, drank mead, which has dripped through the beard...

The server seems to be pretty stable and worked out, no more big changes should be needed, so there we are, happy playing!

[Image: opening.png]

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  Monday's Patch
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-02-26, 11:41 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Here comes yet another Monday and yet another patch to the Nostalgia world:

(2018-02-26, 11:26 AM)meisteris Wrote: 2018-02-26

Fix: Elixirs removed from trader Tyra.
Fix: Recipes for HP/MP/CP Elixirs removed from Clan Halls.
Fix: Gate Keepers revised.
Fix: Drop rate for Lilim and Nephilim mobs.
Fix: Tickets to the Primeval Isle removed.
Feature: Wedding added.
Setup: Offline Trade Certificate price reduced.
Setup: Soul Crystals up to level 10 added to the Mineral Traders.

It is pretty self-explanatory, but I would like to add a couple of comments as usual.

Lilim and Nephilim

This fix refers to the monsters which live inside of the catacombs and drop seal stones. Not the Lilim and Nephilim Raid Bosses. The thing was to increase amount of seal stone drop, but to leave normal item drop configuration the same to the rest of the monsters. This has been accomplished by manually patching seal stone drop config.

Offline Trading

Price for the certificate has been reduced in half, but the certificate now has an expiration date. It will disappear in approximately 600 hours.

Soul Crystals

Soul crystals of level 9 and 10 (for B grade weapons) have been added to the Mineral Traders.


Wedding system has been tested on the development server and now implemented on live server. It is now possible to marry your beloved player! Please read more in the Wedding Feature info.

That's it for now,
Hope you'll like the change and happy farming!

Don't forget to fire your updater!

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  Wedding in our world
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-02-26, 11:23 AM - Forum: Features & Info - No Replies

Dear players of L2 Nostalgia,

I am happy to present you a lovely feature! High priests of Giran, Oren, Aden and Goddard are happy to offer a new service. They will be ready to help you get married to your loved one.

There are some requirements however:

  • Players must be engaged prior getting married.
  • Both players must wear formal wear.
  • Both players must pay 10 000 000 of adena.
  • Both players must be level 40 or higher.
  • Players must be of different sex (no same sex marriages here).
[Image: wedding.png]

How it works

1) Target the player that you want to make a couple with.
2) Use the voice command .engage NameOfYourPartner then press enter.
3) If the target player has you listed as a friend (you are in each other's friends list) a popup will appear with an engagement request along with a system message that you want to be engaged with him or her.
4) If the target player accepts the engagement invitation, you will be engaged.

1) Once two players are engaged, they can speak to the High Priest of Giran, Oren, Aden or Goddard Church.
2) Both players need to wear formal wear and pay 10 000 000 Adena to get married.
3) Once done, the wedding march will play and the two players will be married.

Useful voice commands when you are married:
.gotolove - teleport to your partner.
.divorce - cancel your Engagement or Marriage for 20% of wedding price.

There is all to it,
Happy life

Don't forget to fire your updater!

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  Friday update
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-02-23, 06:37 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Update has been done early this time,


Feature: Mr. Chriu Himura new AI.
Setup: Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 Quest rate.
Setup: Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 Quest rate.
Setup: An Arrogant Search Quest rate.
Setup: Fishing Shots quest.

As the Change Log says, our mascot has received a new AI. It is a little bit more intelligent now. It can recognize players, sometimes even cast a wind walk on them or at least drop some hints about our secret traders and other Nostalgia features.

Quest rates have been increased for the mentioned quests, so it will be easier to farm A grade recipes now.

If you like fishing, then you will be happy to hear that quest item amount has been boosted for the fishing shot quest.

That's it for now,
Hope you will like the change and happy hunting!

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  Project Status and some News
Posted by: meisteris - 2018-02-20, 10:45 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

Hello all,

I am happy to see people getting on-board as our opening day is coming closer. It was planned to do move this project to the production on 2018-02-23, this will have to be postponed a little due to some personal asperities... The new opening date is planned on 2018-03-02/03!

Hopefully this extra wait will translate into better developed world and infrastructure.


Since there are people playing most of the time, I can no longer do server maintenance whenever I am pleased. There for I would like to announce that maintenance periods will be done twice a week:

  • Each Monday morning (09:00 AM GMT+2).
  • Each Friday morning (09:00 AM GMT+2).
This downtime can take from 15 minutes to an hour and will enable to introduce fixes, updates and proper overall maintenance of the infrastructure.

Updated Game Info

On a more cheerful note, the official L2 Nostalgia Info Page  has been updated to reflect current status of things and features. You can find it sticky in the Features & Info section of the forum.

Friday Update

I am also happy to announce that our beloved mascot will receive an upgrade. It will be able to see people and give some hints about our game features. There will be a 1/10 chance to get a Wind Walk buff from him. And be careful, if you hit him, there will be chance to get a disease!

[Image: online.png]

Thank you for patience and understanding,
See you in Game!

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