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Full Version: please see the mana weight of the potion, why not, and the magician's advantage on th
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por favor, veja o peso de mana da poção, porque não, e a vantagem do mago no servidor, e aumentar o tempo de buffer


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Thank you
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please see the mana weight of the potion, why not, and the advantage of the wizard on the server, and increase buffer time
I think buff time is ok, if the buff time's like have buffer npc.

I'm not friendly with MP potions at all, not only the official Teon server we had to fight for conquerable CH to get MP elixirs (crafting it using asofes).

So my vote is not clear because you are voting buff time and MP potions in same "pack".  Sleepy

Anyways we aren't fighting for nothing there atm (at least me), I'm just playing to enjoy the game. I don't know what type of advantage and who are the guys who  take advantage on server. Ofc I love pvp and war, but hate the servers what close after 3 months too or have donations to get everything.

PS: I hope today or tomorrow can start to play again, this week had a lot of work and not logged as much as I would like (and need to farm S grade keys).  Rolleyes

1st. I am not sure where do you get mana pots from. They are not in shops. And shouldn't be available at all. If you need mana you should box EE or SE. and use a proper armor + dyes

2nd. If you make mana pots from castle items, than weight limit is normal.3

3rd. This server is running since 2018 02 14. so it is 16 moths now or 1.3 years. It will not go down in 3 months