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Monday's Patch
Here comes yet another Monday and yet another patch to the Nostalgia world:

(2018-02-26, 11:26 AM)meisteris Wrote: 2018-02-26

Fix: Elixirs removed from trader Tyra.
Fix: Recipes for HP/MP/CP Elixirs removed from Clan Halls.
Fix: Gate Keepers revised.
Fix: Drop rate for Lilim and Nephilim mobs.
Fix: Tickets to the Primeval Isle removed.
Feature: Wedding added.
Setup: Offline Trade Certificate price reduced.
Setup: Soul Crystals up to level 10 added to the Mineral Traders.

It is pretty self-explanatory, but I would like to add a couple of comments as usual.

Lilim and Nephilim

This fix refers to the monsters which live inside of the catacombs and drop seal stones. Not the Lilim and Nephilim Raid Bosses. The thing was to increase amount of seal stone drop, but to leave normal item drop configuration the same to the rest of the monsters. This has been accomplished by manually patching seal stone drop config.

Offline Trading

Price for the certificate has been reduced in half, but the certificate now has an expiration date. It will disappear in approximately 600 hours.

Soul Crystals

Soul crystals of level 9 and 10 (for B grade weapons) have been added to the Mineral Traders.


Wedding system has been tested on the development server and now implemented on live server. It is now possible to marry your beloved player! Please read more in the Wedding Feature info.

That's it for now,
Hope you'll like the change and happy farming!

Don't forget to fire your updater!

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