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GeoData bugs
Hi folks,
Given the size of Lineage II world, it is possible to encounter some GeoData bugs while playing the game.

It's kind of database of coordinates, which specify where you are allowed to walk. As far as Lineage II client is concerned you are able to walk everywhere. A bit like walking in pure space. Therefore, server uses GeoData to parse the coordinates from the client and then to return restrictions if you meet the wall or some other object in you path.

Here is the example of this database. Each green square specifies 8x8 pixels of Game World  area and the Z index (which specify how high you are). Color and direction of arrows specify if you can or cannot walk in the specific place and direction.

[Image: geodata.png]

Needless to say, it takes enormous amount of effort to draw a whole world like this. And it's probably the biggest source of bugs in Lineage2 Smile Fortunately it's not too hard to fix with the right tools.

Bug Fix
If you encounter an area where you are stuck and unable to walk, but you should, please write location command into game chat:


You will get a system message like this one:

Current location: 56679, 172382, -4976 (Near Giran Castle Town)

Send this message by replying to this tread and it will be checked out an fixed!


Please check this, I can't get to the newbie guide in Orc Village.


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Thanks for spotting!

I believe it is fixed now:

I remember some GeoData bugs long ago, let see if they are fixed.

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