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Monday update
Player, be ready to fire your updater  as there are news on the horizon.

Changelog Wrote:2018-02-19
Feature: Mascot NPC Mr. Chriu Himura added.
Fix: Skill Vanquished of War.
Fix: Chat auto blocking some messages.
Fix: Format of HTML text.
Fix: Offline shop limiter.
Setup: Limit of clients set: 6 per PC, 9 per IP.
Setup: Rates are increased by a tiny fraction during the night.
Setup: Adena reward increased for the most quests of starting villages.
Setup: High level quests were boosted.
Setup: Misc. server settings.
Setup: MP pot removed from Ivory Tower.


Our mascot has been introduced earlier: Mr. Chriu Himura is ready!


Account limiter has been bumped up to allow up to 6 Game Accounts per Forum Account.
Box limiter has been enabled again to reflect this.
Server Socket limiter has been set for 9 clients per IP address.

It is now allowed to run up to 6 L2 windows from one PC.  If you hit a Server Socket  limit, you will be banned for one day. 

These numbers are not set in stone, however, and may change according to the Vote Result!

[Image: multibox.png]


Attention to the new players: Adena reward has been greatly increased for a lot of quests in all Starting Villages! By doing one or two of these quests you shall have Adena to buy nice things Wink

A lot of High Level quests were boosted so it takes less time to do them.


There was a small problem with a Chat Filter. It was trying to parse h1d3n pr4s3s and would block a lot of proper messages because of this. It will behave properly now Wink

That's it for now,
Hope you will like the changes.

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