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Patchy Monday #Live
Good news folks,

Upgrade is now complete! Data migration from C4 database into  a new C6 one has been completed without much trouble. There are only two minor caveats:
  1. If you had bought a Mithrill Cloak from secret trader - it won't work. Simply sell, trash or crystallize it.
  2. Due to M$ SQL automatic item indexing (angry fist to the M$) you will enter the game naked. Don't freak out, items will be present in your inventory and warehouse. Just equip your gear and you are good to go.
There is also a small problem with the new client, which was pushed this morning. The 7 Signs report item won't work. This is already fixed and I am already building a client update. Simply run the updater once a new build is pushed Wink

Other that that we are good to go!

Overall these things were removed from the Game:
  • Shadow weapon system
  • Augmentation system
  • Herbs
  • Dinosaurs and their crappy island
  • Newbie helper cats
  • MP, HP, CP elixirs and pots removed from the stores
  • Dices removed from the stores
  • Death penalty system disabled
  • Demon swords disabled

And new things which were added:
  • Clan Academy
  • Better clan privilege system
  • Expanding skill bar
  • World Info (a.k.a. GPS) system
  • Ability to enlarge map
  • Offline shops (Simply buy license from warehouse chief and have it in your inventory when you start a private shop, then exit client)
  • Proper 3rd class skills
  • Better graphical rendering
  • Gate Chant / Summon friend skills
  • Auto Loot system (write .autoloot on/off)
  • Ability to see online count (write .online)
  • Ability to trade 1bil  of Adena into Gold bars and back.
  • Quest item drop amount has been increased for the 3rd and sub class related quests.
  • Gatekeepers teleport to more nearby hunting areas in happy hours
  • Global shout (simply write !Hi and it will be seen though the whole Nostalgia World)
  • Skill auto learn system
  • Spell books removed from the drop
I think I've even managed to forget some of the new stuff...

Anyhow, hope you'll enjoy!

Looks like there is also a C6 client bug, which was introduced by NC Soft and never fixed:

Earrings and rings, which are equipped, cannot be seen sometimes. Opening inventory first thing on entering the game seem to fix this problem.

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