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Liking the Server so far, BUT...

i am playing on this server for a few weeks now and im enjoying it, but...

im solo playing with some boxes and it is really hard. I can manage it after playing and loving L2 since beta and being used to the sadistic asian-style grind. For new players this will be a no-go. Older Generations are used to HC Grinding, new ones need everything handfed, a balance of both is what this server needs in my opinion.
So im asking if you could please reconsider Dance/Song buff time or MP weight, or weightlimit overall.
Currently i am running to town every 30min to resupply and then 10min back to my farmspot. I wouldnt mind if i had someone to chat to kill the time but it gets annoying when u play 2 hours and reached only abit of farm time.

I want to stay here for a long time and just wish to have a few more players on the server that can enjoy some oldschool L2, with some new generation improvements.



The low player count is simply due to the fact that this is an old game. And changing buff times , probably will not bring more players.
When I play I always use 2 more bots. BD and WC  + COV. Pretty much can solo everything with Destro. Even RB'S

Also if Buff time would be extended to 60 minutes, instead of 20
This would not affect songs and dances. And high level buffs like COV

But I will see what can be done.

Kind regards

I have played on this server for couple of weeks now and I like it very much!

The best are high rates (even though I wish to have spoil rate 70x too, instead of 50x, but it is still much better than on low-rate servers); I also like secret traders (even though I wish to have some A-grade trader somewhere in Beast Farm too...). I found no bugs and perfect maintanance here. The lack of other players is no problem for me, I am mostly PvE player and I like to expore the game world (Silent Move skill and mana potions are very useful for this).

I'm going to play here about 1 to 4 times a month for years. Thank you for this server!


Liking this server so far, BUT...
I frequently get DCed. One of my characters gets to stay in game and the other loses connection... Then another window loses connection to server while one is still in game.

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