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Massive GeoData update!
I am happy to announce,

Currently we have a brand new ground under our feet! It's no secret, that lately there were sever complains about GeoData problem here and there. Some players were unable to walk through the gate, some fell down through the ground, some were unable to reach masters or newbie helpers...

Needless to say this was no good for our reputation, hence, it was decided to do something about it on global level. I've took a GeoData db source from latest C6 build, updated it with C4 map ID's and compiled a brand new set. I can confirm that all reported issues are gone, overall walking, running, jumping and fighting looks and feels better!

[Image: world.png]

This may be a big step update, but nothing in this world is perfect. So remember, if it can be reported - it can be fixed Wink

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