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Nostalgia C6 Client - meisteris - 2018-02-14

Good news!

After yesterdays experiments with the new Game Client I was able to confirm that aside from few very minor issues it works and runs great! I was even able to dig out the latest Official Interlude update, which improves performance of the game. The new Nostalgia Client is now based on this update.

[Image: nostalgia.png]

Issues that were spotted:
  • Macro help links writing nonsense to the Game Chat (Fixed).
  • Rings and Earrings do not show up even tough they are equipped (Fixed).
  • 7 Signs Report do not work (Fixed).
  • Unlimited zoom out not working (Fixed).
That's pretty much it. Please run updater or download full client:

From our mirror:

From Mega Upload:

Stay up to date and have a great game!